Discover the Power of Call Tracking

Every business does marketing, but not many can say with confidence which dollars do the heavy lifting. Prospects and leads call in, but how do you know whether they visited your website, saw your billboard, heard your radio commercial or spotted your Google ad? The short answer is: you don’t.

Until now.

KuuCall tells you exactly where a prospect who calls you is “coming from”. With a unique number attached to each piece of marketing you release, you’ll know which marketing brings business and which doesn’t. Detailed reporting helps you discover “how did we not see that”? insights, call recording lets you sharpen your sales staff and integrations power your Google campaigns.

Killer Call Tracking

Track marketing ROI by knowing where each one of your leads is coming from with call tracking that’s mapped to the different marketing you have.

Downloadable Call Recording

Play back calls to review your sales process, help your staff improve their call skills or to pick out details you might have missed in conversation.

Drive your marketing with data

The best marketing today is data-driven. Get the insights to make the right decisions from detailed reporting around all your prospect and customer calls

Agency tracking for your clients

If you’re a marketing agency, introduce the power of call tracking to your clients. Set them up easily and follow their data, providing them with new understanding of their marketing they’ve never before experienced.

Set up in 60 seconds

Need a tracking phone number for new marketing? Have it set up and ready to start capturing data in less than a minute.

Easy-to-use UI

Navigating call tracking analytics can be difficult, but with our intuitive UI, you’ll find the data and insights you’re looking for to drive your marketing in no time.

Discover more on how Kuucall will skyrocket your marketing ROI.


  • AWS platform
  • ASP.NET, WebAPI, Angular, DevExtreme
  • MongoDB
  • Twilio integration, Stripe integration
  • Google Adwords & Analytics Integration
  • SendinBlue integration


  • Identify What Keywords, Ads & Landing Pages Are Converting
  • Get Detail Call Tracking Reporting
  • Listen To Phone Call Recordings
  • See How Often Your Phone Is Answered
  • Get Priceless Call Insights & Analytics To Improve Your Marketing ROI
  • Buy Any Local & Toll Free Number In Seconds
  • Google Adwords & Analytics Integration
  • Email Notification, Whisper Messages etc.
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Create Unlimited Sub-Account & User Access

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